Will Lil' Durk's DJ Get Even With Guy Who Knocked Him Out?


Photo via Lil’ Durk’s Instagram

Apparently Lil’ Durk’s DJ, DJ Bandz, recently got knocked out in a Louis Vuitton store. The craziest part is his attacker immediately took off running. Bandz isn’t trying to let this go. He posted a video with this message for the guy:

“How you snake a n*gga and run though? All you see is fast feet and a** cheeks soon as the n*gga swing though. Motherf*cka could link up right now no guns none of that. Put the guns down link up.”

He also tweeted,

“Lol deez n*ggas funny. know I’m over good doe. We gone keep it in da streets. doe we aint gone take it to CNN.”

This probably won’t end well.