Will Soulja Boy Be Promoting His Fight Against Chris Brown Alone?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Uh oh! It looks like Soulja Boy is tired of waiting on these folks. By the time he and Chris Brown do actually fight, I’m sure no one will care anymore.

We’ve heard all kinds of things about this fight from it allegedly taking place in Los Angeles or Las Vegas, maybe even Dubai, to Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent running it vs. The Game’s manager Wack 100 and the Piru Bloods running it.

Although it’s only been a few weeks since Soulja Boy and Chris Brown’s boxing match was confirmed, it feels like forever.

Fans aren’t the only ones tired of waiting as Soulja Boy is also fed up. SB took to Twitter yesterday to call out everyone involved in causing the fight to drag on.

“These n-ggaz taking too long. F-ck this sh-t, you need tickets, hit me, I’m running the show. Y’all know what I’m throwing the fight,” tweeted the rapper.

Soulja Boy is one of the Kings of “Tweet and delete” so he clearly deleted other tweets.

In a deleted tweet, he revealed that the fight would allegedly take place in March, and that he would be the one renting the venue and selling the tickets.

“This will be a Soulja Boy promotion. Hit me for tickets, they on sale now,” tweeted Soulja.

Remember Floyd Mayweather was originally promoting the fight with his Mayweather Promotions, and he was the one training Soulja Boy for the fight. SB’s rant has me wondering what this says about the state of their current relationship.

SB also let it be known that he’d be talking more about the fight on Jimmy Kimmel, but as far as we know, he’s not even a scheduled guest anytime soon.

It’s so funny to me that Chris Brown will beat that azz. Put down the lean Soulja!

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