Will The New “Blade” Feature Wesley Snipes Or Not?


We are praying for the return of Wesley Snipes to Marvel!

Is Wesley snipes coming back for the new “Blade” or not? 

Recently there has been considerable chatter about Wes and whether or not he’s going to be in the re-boot of the “Blade” franchise with the Marvel’s MCU. I first heard about this – like the most of us – at one of those big old Comicon convention reveals. But there was no word of Wesley, then more recently we heard that Wesley Snipes was not going to be a part of the franchise as it was re-booted. WHAT?

I saw this posted on @ChuckCreekmur’s Instagram:

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So I did some searching! Here is what WS has said today

“We’ve talked, man, and Feige always says, ‘Well, you know, we’re thinking about it, we’re trying to figure it out’. Then one day I saw in the news, and everybody started calling me up saying, ‘Hey, Mahershala is going to be playing the new Blade’. I was like, ‘Well, I guess Kevin didn’t have my number. Okay’. So I actually don’t know. You know, I’m always willing to rock with anyone who wants to rock with me, you know? We’re doing similar work. We have wonderful product that we will bring to market, and if I can rock with Marvel, that’s great. If I can’t rock with Marvel, all right. You know? I’ll wait by the door. I’ll just put on some nice heels and a nice skirt and something. I’ll just wait by the door and say, ‘Hi Kevin’.”

Wait, there’s more! MURS, the dope a$$ LA rapper, said that rumor has it WESLEY IS IN…I am not sure what to believe. I don’t believe they can keep that man out of the new version. They know Black people gonna lose their SH!T if he doesn’t and go CRAZY when he appears in it!

Bring on Blade, the new one! With the original!