Will Tory Lanez’s Dad Hurt The Rapper’s Case In Sentencing?

Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez’s father may have hurt his son’s case as they move into the sentencing phase of punishment. 👀

Tory, Tory, Tory…

Tory Lanez sits in a jail cell awaiting sentencing in the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion. By this time the whole world has formed an opinion about the case. But, something happened that may dramatically affect the case, even though it probably shouldn’t. And that is Tory Lanez’s father. After Tory was convicted and put in cuffs, they were embarrassed. His father, mother and other family members took to the media outside of the court room. It was a pure spectacle. It was an unnecessary spectacle that got more press them the actual case did, in a lot of ways. I say that because there were no cameras allowed inside of the court room. At any case, his dad called out a number of names. Most people homed in on Jay Z and Roc Nation. But there were a lot of names that were mentioned that people didn’t pick up on.

Sources with illseed and AllHipHop have heard that the sentiment in local government is that they made a mockery of the court. So, Tory Lanez and his family have probably hurt themselves for more now than even before the case in verdict. In Los Angeles, they really don’t play. Like other big cities that maintain an iron fist of law and order, they want to be the ones in control. Now, it looks as though Tory will get a couple of years, tacked onto his sentence because of his father‘s post verdict outburst.

They are not going to explicitly, say that, you know that! But I am getting the word that George Gascón, the district attorney of Los Angeles, is specifically upset at that ridiculous display from Tory’s dad. The father did something they shouldn’t have – jumped the gun. No pun intended! I don’t know exactly where they stand on appeal, but they better get it going. I heard he is appealing the verdict though. I wonder if he’ll get out before they start those proceedings?

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