Will Young Lyric & NBA YoungBoy Be 2020 #baegoals Or Is This All Cap?

NBA YoungBoy seems to have found a new bae in Young Lyric which leads us to question if this is all for publicity.

(AllHipHop Rumors) One things for sure, as much as NBA YoungBoy loves being in the headlines, he loves the ladies even more. 

Just last week a snippet of NBA’s unreleased track got leaked where he put his baby’s mom on blast for allegedly giving him herpes, and now he’s boo’d up with Houston, Texas rapper, Young Lyric.

The 19-year-old The Rap Game contestant recently posted a pic for the gram with her and NBA looking real lovey-dovey.

The pic shows Lyric standing in front of her “man” with her arms around his shoulders and a caption that reads, “NBAYoungGirl.”


We’re uncertain if this is for promo for some new music they possibly have coming out or maybe NBA needs a little PR for his upcoming single? 

What I do know is, I’ve never heard of a rapper who loves the ladies blatantly confess he has herpes in his music. 

Seriously, a man who has been seen spotted with numerous chicks throughout the year is really going to openly say he has an incurable STD? 

Doesn’t make sense, right? If it isn’t true, it’s high key f*cked up that he’s using a disease millions struggle with on a daily basis to sell his music.

What do you think? Is he all cap and do you think him and Lyric are really a couple or is this just another PR stunt?