Willie D: Kanye West Is A “World Class Clown”

Willie D of The Geto Boys isn’t holding back his views on Kanye West.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Willie D is one of the realest rappers ever! He is no longer in his Geto Boys heyday, but he is definitely still one of the hardest hitters out there. No, he is no longer knocking rappers out, he is knocking out rappers with words. Time for Kanye to get into the ring, metaphorically speaking of course. The reason Willie D is talking about Kanye is because over the weekend, he spoke at evangelist Joel Olsteen’s church in Houston. These are the same dude’s church that wouldn’t open its doors when the hurricane was ravaging the city. Last year, Kanye West was still wearing a MAGA hat, I mean hat. These guys are two peas in a pod! Anyway, check out what Willie had to say and then we can continue on! 

Shout out to Willie D!

What is worse is that Kanye has positioned himself towards many weakminded people and those that lust over celebrity. I know people in jail are not necessarily weak, but they are certainly enamored by this fake prophet. I may just be grumpy because of this thing called “Monday.” Anyway, the speech at Olsteen’s church was trash too, but I am certain he has found his supreme hustle. When he was trying to rap with Lil Peep or Lil Pump, he was not making it. Then, he tried it with Donald Trump and MAGA hats and that failed. Well…then there is religion. Black folks love and, white folks love it… it’s safe and you can make a lot of money! Dude made $150 million last year, but was in debt the previous year. 

Willie D straight-up called Kanye West trash. Do you agree?