Wiz Khalifa And P### Star Get Together For Some Serious Biz

Wiz Khalifa’s new business move has people looking at him like he may be getting into the adult entertainment industry.

Wiz Khalifa is one of the more underrated celebrities in the game. He makes moves and he makes music and he makes money. In the weed zone, he is the prince of it all with Uncle Snoop and Berner being the kings. But Wiz is really making some real maneuvers.

Yesterday, he revealed that he and adult entertainer Mia Khalifa are working together on something. When it was announced, people started to assume it was going to be a p-flick or something. But they are going to have to put their lotion aside and grab their lighters. This play is not in the nude. They are doing something with Wiz’s Khalifa Kush, his brand of marijuana. As you know, weed is pretty much legal these days and the culture is loving that.

I am thinking about smoking now. I do not at the moment but this might just take me over the edge. I’m kidding. This actually makes me want to smoke even less. That does not make me any less happy for the two of them.