Signs: Woman Gets Paid Big Bucks To Act Like A Puppy Publically!

In "Signs The World IS Coming To An End": A woman acts like a dog to get mad money!

(AllHipHop Rumors) This is “Signs The World IS Coming To An End!” This is a section of the site that I used to do back in the day where I would highlight things that happen in the world that signify the world is coming to an end. Now, in the year 2020, we see that the world may just be coming to an end. So there is more and more crazy stuff going on for me to draw from. And draw, I shall!

In Texas, there’s a woman who has amassed a salary of six figures every year! What does this woman do? This woman acts like a puppy on the Internet in her OnlyFans page. Her name is Jenna Phillips in Austin, the oasis of Texas. Jenna once was an optician but quit because she made more money pretending to be a puppy. Now I don’t know if she does any nudity because that is what is the norm on OnlyFans pages! I certainly am not going to pay for that mess but, there seem to be guys that are willing to look at a 21-year-old play fetch scratch themselves and just act like a little dog.

On top of this the woman has 125,000 followers on TickTock. Monthly you can look at this for $20 a month and it does lead into some sexual content. I just simply don’t know what that is. Shout out to “thatpuppygirl”!

Now how are we supposed to tell people that education is the way when this is how people are getting six figures. College is a wonderful thing and it often times frees people up from poverty. But if you can get paid six figures to act like a damn puppy, I am thinking that a lot of people were up to just do that foolishness. In fact, this woman makes more money than me to keep it real with you! I am broke by comparison!

Did I mention, she does this in public?

Now you were not about to see illseed act like a puppy but I’m thinking maybe I need to act like something other than myself in order to increase my pay. Help!

“Signs The World IS Coming To An End”

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