Women Pulls Gun In Chipotle When They Can’t Serve Food

Chipotle Illseed

This is the sort of thing that happens when people are losing it. Pulling out a gun over Chipotle is losing it!

Things got rather chippy in at a Chipotle in Philadelphia.

A Philadelphia Chipotle was closing early and that upset a customer. It p##### the customer off so much that she pulled out a gun and demanded her food. That’s right – SHE.

Unfortunately, the store was closing early due to staffing issues, but it was still taking online orders. I guess she was not on

That was not enough for a Philadelphia woman, who said “somebody better give me my food.” This was before she ordered! And then she proceeded to pull out a gun. The woman, that wore a gray top pink pants in the gun, gestured towards a person behind the counter.

The woman demanded to speak to the manager, meanwhile they pushed a button to get security. The police didn’t get there before the staff made her her food. They wanted to get her out of there, which is perfectly all right.

Here’s the crazy part. She ended up pulling the gun out again after the order was completed, took her meal and kept it pushing. Now, the cops are after her.

Here’s the craziest part: she’s probably mentally ill and impoverished as well. I’m not saying that’s an excuse, but I am seeing that anybody there pulls a gun on somebody for some inauthentic Mexican food is definitely not in their right mind. And I love Chipotle.

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