WTF News: Harvard Student Fakes Bomb Threat to Avoid Finals

A 20-year-old student faces up to five years in prison for faking bomb threats at Harvard.

A Harvard student was so unprepared for finals that he faked bomb threats in order to get out of them. According to Associated Press,  20-year-old Eldo Kim sent emails saying bombs had been placed around campus to Harvard police, two university officials and the president of the Harvard Crimson newspaper.

The emails said shrapnel bombs would go off, shortly after the message was sent, in two of four buildings, including one where Kim would be taking his exam at 9am Monday. Harvard’s campus was shut down for hours before it was determined that there were no explosives.

The FBI says Kim had accessed TOR, a free Internet product that assigns a temporary anonymous Internet protocol address, using Harvard’s wireless network.

The student told an agent that he acted alone and sent the messages to five or six Harvard email addresses he picked arbitrarily about 30 minutes before his exam was scheduled. He sent the messages from his laptop.

Kim will appear in court Wednesday. The maximum punishments for a bomb hoax are five years in jail and a $250,000 fine.

He should have just taken his F on the exam instead of the major FAIL in life.