WTF News: Inmate Busts Out of Jail the Day Before His Release

A Swedish man broke out of jail the day before his release, to go to the dentist.

This one is for the books! A 51-year-old Swedish man broke out of prison because he had a toothache and wanted to see a dentist, according to the Huffington Post. Get this, he was scheduled to be released the next day anyway so, he got his dental work done and then turned himself back in. *Palms face.

The man told local reporters that he had been complaining to prison officials about the pain for four days and finally busted out because he couldn’t take it anymore.

After turning himself in his original one month sentence was increased by one day.

Talk about first world problems. Anyone else curious about what this man actually did to get one month in jail? Also, how did he break out? And furthermore, dude couldn’t wait just one more day? WTF!