WTF News: Woman Scratches Car to Make Her Husband Purchase It

A Chinese woman forced her husband to purchase a car at an auto show…by scratching it.

This is insane. A woman purposely scratched a £20,000 ($32,696.00) car to force her husband into buying it for her. Get this, her logic behind this is that because her husband looks younger than her, he owes her this vehicle. Watch the video as the woman goes crazy at China’s Guangzhou Auto Show during an argument with her husband.

Via UK’s Mirror:

Onlookers heard the wife shouting that she deserved the car because she’d given her all to the marriage – especially when she was “getting old” and the husband still looked young.

A scuffle broke out as the husband tried to pull her wife away from the car, but she broke away and scratched the bonnet for a second time.

The damaged car was a BYD Qin – the follow up to the world’s first mass produced hybrid car.

The car is due for release in December, and orders are being taken for 200,000 Yuan (about £20,000).

That is some wild ish. I wonder what happened when they got home.