YG Should Posts His Credit Score And Leaves Fans SHOCKED


Most rappers flex cars, jewelry, and designer clothes. But who’s bold enough to show their credit score? YG did it with pride!

If you’re struggling to raise your credit score, YG might be a good candidate to ask for some sound advice. Most rappers flex cars, jewelry, clothes, and all sorts of other things that don’t mean much after they buy them. However, this flex is needed!

Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion would all agree Keenon Jackson is a valued customer. The “Scared Money” rapper wasn’t scared to let the world know he’s pushing a credit score of 833 out of 900. He took to Instagram to share his most recent TransUnion report.

The Bompton native is certainly qualified to purchase a four-door Benz that can fit all his friends.

As we all know, credit is king, and the value of good credit can’t be overstated.

Salute to any black man who is financially focused. Ladies and gentlemen, these are the type of economics Melvin (Ving Rhames) tried to teach Jodi (Tyreese) about in Baby Boy.

We don’t advocate posting financial records via social media. However, if “motivational purposes only” was a post, this would be it.

You might want to take a look at your scores. Men lie, women lie, but credit scores don’t.