YK Osiris Trades It All In Unless It Is A Video!

YK Osiris

YK Osiris is changing his ways, but staying in step with the rest of the world.

YK Osiris IS not playing in 2021! He brought in the new year a revealing that he has gotten rid of all of his luxury cars in exchange for a Hyundai. That’s right, a rapper who openly admits that he drives a Hyundai. I am not quite sure how the community has expressed their feelings on this one but I think the overwhelming vibe is that it’s positive. I think that it’s positive myself. And I welcome Mr. Osiris to the basic car community, which I have been a member of since I started driving. Salute me, young man! 

Here is the reality, people: we are all broke in some form or fashion! Even Jay-Z is broke to Bill Gates. All Cap!  If you have a car note or any note, you are in debt. If you are in debt, then you are not truly free. YK Osiris is doing with most of us need to do and that is free ourselves of debt! 

He may also be getting ahead of possible jokes, before they drop! If somebody sees him in a car that he’s not supposed to be in, i.e. a Hyundai Sonata (which I happen to love), the Internet could go incredibly cruel on him and start to create their own narrative. But if he puts it out there and gives the reasoning behind him driving that kind of a car, he controls the narrative! The reality is rappers are not always super smart with their money and they typically live with other peoples’ opinions in mind.

Why do you think rappers wear the most jewelry, or drive the biggest car is, or have the prettiest girls, because they just want all that? Maybe! I sure do, but it’s also a part of the game of capitalism and showing how big and bad you are to the rest of the world. It’s not necessarily the best girl, or the best vehicle, home, or even the best jewelry. It’s just the most – because! “I’ma stunt on ni99as!”

So let me get off my soapbox and give this man his respect and get on to the next story.

Wait a sec, in his new video for “Money Keep Coming” – he riding in the hood throwing money around. I guess some things never change.