Young Buck & Starlito Fight At Nashville Basketball Game


(AllHipHop Rumors) Can’t we all just get along?!

It’s clear as day that Young Buck and Starlito do not F with each other! Buck and Starlito were attending a basketball game in their hometown, Nashville, Tennessee, when the rappers began to argue. The argument turned into a full- out brawl.

In videos that have hit the ‘net, you can see Young Buck and Starlito arguing and Buck grabbing Lito by the neck.

The crowd goes wild, but security rushes in of course to break it up with pepper spray.

While it’s unclear as to what triggered the fight, folks have been speculating that Buck wasn’t too happy about ‘Lito calling him a “f#####”.

Lito wasted no time dropping a diss track aimed at Buck called “You Should Be Proud” after the altercation.

“Nobody ever did it bigger for the Ville than Buck/ But I’m realer and I really don’t even give a f-ck. How the f-ck you know/ you never know who f-ck with who/ playing both sides ain’t cool/ I don’t f-ck with you/ I always pay homage/ I always kept it honest/ You call me ’cause you thought I tried to holler at your baby mama/ I laughed/ Remember that?/ That’s the type of sh-t you do/ Keep a n-gga close but don’t plug ’em in like Bluetooth,” rapped Lito.

Something tells me that this won’t be the end of their beef.

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