Young Buck Has A Problem With Popeyes!

Young Buck gets bitten by the Popeyes BUG…in a major way!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Popeyes has everybody acting a fool and rapper Young Buck is no different. The rapper is a legend for a number of reasons, but he adds to his resume here. it seems like Buck has gotten bit by the Popeye’s bug! As you know, the fast food chain has an addictive chicken sandwich that has caused people to act crazy, fight, call Black people N#gger, grown men body slam white women that call them N-word and a bunch of other madness. 

Now, we have Young Buck arguing with a drive through at Popeyes over their lack of supply! They told Buck that it would take over an HOUR for him to get his chicken! Now why wouldn’t those idiots start defrosting the other chicken when they started to get low? I am starting to question the brass at Popeyes now! Look at this mess!