Young Dro And Spodee Go Back And Forth Over Snitching Allegations


(AllHipHop Rumors) What the hell is going on? I don’t know what is going on!!!!! Who is Spodee and why is he beefing with Young Dro? Anyway, beef is all the rage now and going back and forth on social media is too. So, instead of talking or even DMing they are “arguing” over social media. This is crazy! Both Spodee and Dro seem to be official dudes, but they begin to scare me when they talk crazy like this. I think it is all snitching and dry snitching! It just seems strange to be talking about “who’s gun” in an open setting like the internet. The case is still open. At any rate, with Dro being the bigger artist…Spo probably should have taken the charge. They don’t seem to have any weed carriers to do that like the old days. See below.

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