Young Thug Allegedly Smacked Former Female Associate


(AllHipHop Rumors) Ahhhhh man word on the street and on the video is that Young Thug allegedly smacked the shhhhh out of female rapper AKbar V.

If you can remember, AKbar V and Young Thug were once close associates, and she and Thugger’s fiancee, Jerrika Karlae have had a longstanding beef apparently since AK and Thugger fell out.

Somehow a video of a recent altercation in Atlanta between Jerrika Karlae, Thug, and AKbar is just now hitting the gram.

You can’t truly see Young Thug smack AKbar in the video, or you can’t see anyone get smacked for that matter, but those talking in the video seem to suggest that someone had in fact been smacked, and the victim now would have a chance to cash out.

You know how petty people like to be. People will provoke you, play the victim, then sue you and cash out. I’m not saying that this is what happened here, but we all know that that’s how that goes.

Now the remarks in the video will now help AKbar V as she is now claiming that Young Thug came outside of club Palace to Jerrika’s defense, and he allegedly eventually ended up putting his hands on her.

“Lame as f-ck @thuggerthugger1 @thejerrikakarlae u talking all that sh-t threw the f-cking car call thug to come save u h-e u lame,” said AKbar.

She went on to explicitly explain that Thugger did indeed hit her. She even called out Palace’s security staff, accusing them of watching and allowing the rapper to hit her and failing to do anything about it.

“@thejerrikakarlae started with me u wrong I need yall to witness this palace security letting him slap me,” she said.

Jerrika Karlae has since spoke out about the incident in an attempt to clear her fiancee’s name. She claims that Thugger did no such thing, but even if he did, the girl claims she’s such a gangsta anyway.

Most people are believing that no matter what went sour betweek AKbar and Thug, at this point it looks like she may just be trying to use controversy with the rapper to build a buzz. What are your thoughts?