Young Thug Apologizes For ‘Jeffrey’ Delay, Teases Wyclef Jean Collaboration


Young Thug, a.k.a. Jeffrey, has certainly got his fans pretty hype for the release of his ‘Jeffrey’ mixtape. He even teased fans with an August 16th release date. When the 16th passed fans started giving Thugger the side eye causing him to apologize for the delay.

Some believed the project may drop August 26th, but Thug revealed that the project was actually supposed to drop on the 16th which happened to be his birthday. Last-minute changes have caused the delay.

Young Thug took to Instagram to explain the fact that he caused the delay with wanting to change his cover art.

“Yo I’m so sorry to my fans. The reason why the mixtape isn’t out is because of the photo that they wanted to use I didn’t like the photo and I know my fans wouldn’t like the photo as much as the photo that I’m gonna use. It will be out in the next one or two days. I promise you. But right now I’m gonna drop one song off of it and I hope you guys enjoy it,” said Young Thug.

To make up for the mixtape’s delay, Thug posted a photo and video clip of him with Wyclef Jean. The video clip previews Jean wishing Young Thug a happy birthday and is a teaser of a collaboration between the two. Well we are waiting Thugger.