Young Thug Disses Lil Wayne Again!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Hip Hop is really turning into ‘Single White Female’ man.

Well in case you missed it, Young Thug is going at his “idol,” Lil Wayne, again.

Thugger is a master troll it seems. They say trolling is an art form, so perhaps Thug just decided to stick with it. Young Thug released a snippet of a song [that’s probably old]. In the clip he says,

“F-ck my idol; coupe got no ceilings.”

Editor of Complex News, @PChopz_ also said he was at an event and heard Thug say f-ck Wayne,

“Thug just said y’all want that Barter 6 sh-t, that f-ck Lil Wayne sh-t,” he said.

You know what, we feel bad for Lil Wayne. It’s like someone trying to be you, once stanning like a groupie, then comes in a rocks with the person doing you dirty who you were once family with and are still signed to. No wonder Weezy is going crazy.

We swear these rappers are pretty bipolar for publicity stunts. Oh and supposedly Thugger plans to release ‘Barter 7’ also.

Fans have made the comparions that:

Young is to Wayne
What Budden is to Drake
What 50 is to Floyd
What Stan is to Em

They just all want to be acknowledged by their idols. LOL Mannnnnn. It’s crazy out here. What are your thoughts?


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