Young Thug Fans Are Upset Over Article Singling Him Out About Lean Use


(AllHipHop Rumors) Who knew Young Thug had some ride or die fans?!

While music fans usually love and praise DJ Booth for their coverage and topics, Young Thug fans aren’t too happy with one of their recent articles.

In a recent article, they focused in on Thugger’s alleged lean abuse.

Exploring lean abuse, especially that of celebrities would be reasonable, but Thugger fans felt that the article was too hard on Thugger despite it’s mention of others such as Pimp C, A$AP Yams and DJ Screw [who all passed away from complications with lean].

The article seemed to go in extremely hard on the presumed state of Thug’s heath. It’s public knowledge that lean is terrible, and a great person to be interviewed would in fact be a doctor to discuss the short and long-term affects of the drug on people’s health, butttttttt perhaps it was a bad idea to single out Young Thug in the process.

The article seemed, to many, to be a piece attacking Thugger, when it could’ve just been an informative piece to bring even more awareness about the drug’s negative effects.

What are your thoughts on the article? Should an artist be singled out to make a point?

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