Young Thug May Be Screwed As Snitches Emerge In RICO Case

Young Thug Mugshot

Young Thug has a major issues as rumors of snitching pop up in these digital streets.

The rumors are getting crazy right now with Young Thug. Apparently, it looks like a number of people started snitching. This is nothing new honestly, but it certainly does not look good for the Atlanta-based to Rapper.

Boosie said you can’t shake 20 eggs in a basket and expect none of them to crack. It looks like there’s some cracking going on. I can’t help but think that young thug is going through a little slice of hell right now. And

We’ll soon see if it’s deserved or not, but his crew is definitely not sturdy enough to handle the weight being put upon them. I’m wondering who this particular person is because it’s very difficult to read the print in this purported snitch report. But apparently the man’s name is Kenneth Copeland.“

His name is Lil Woody in the streets.

So Woody is basically saying that he was present win Young Thug reportedly rented an infinity car that was used in a shooting. From what I’ve ascertained Woody is supposedly a thorough Street dude. But how thorough can be win you are also snitching. Apparently, Thugger  ordered the hit.

Check this out.

On the flip side, Copeland is just the person that has been named. There’s reportedly more than one egg that has been cracked. The word out there is that there are several others that at becoming state witnesses. This basically means everybody is trying to save their own skin. This is not the olden days, where people in the mob just did the time. This is the 69 days, where people get to talking! This actually is not the same.

I am interested in seeing what happens with this. Kevin Liles may need to pull some strings to mitigate further damage to the dude. And, I am interested in knowing where Gunna is in all of this. He wasn’t looking too good last time I saw his mug.