Young Thug Suggests That Plies Is Washed-Up


Photo via Plies’ Instagram

Your favorite rapper (LOL) turned Instagram comedian, Plies, recently sat down for an interview with Complex. One of the interviewers wasted no time asking about the alleged beef between Young Thug and Plies. When she asked Plies how he felt about Young Thug saying he wanted to slap him, Plies replied saying,

“I don’t think nothing about that. You trying to get poppin’ and sh*t like. I don’t f*ck with lower tier artists.

The interviewer said,

“So you put Thug on a lower tier.”

“He sold what sh*t 10-14K records the first week. I don’t know, you tell me what tier he is,” said Plies.

The interviewer says she feels that Thug was mad because Plies reposted a video that went viral of Thug’s daughter cussing. Plies said a million people posted it. Back then he also said he didn’t even know it was Thugger’s daughter in the video. The main message Plies wanted to get across to Young Thug is,

“Don’t you go back and forth with a m-f*cker who ain’t on your level.”

Young Thug didn’t take this well and has since responded by saying he has more hits than Plies and that Plies needs a tour. It seems that Young Thug suggested that Plies is broke also by telling him that he’s (Thug) a millionaire and has bought cars and homes for his family. Plies also took time out again to discuss Young Thug as told Taxstone,

“Anytime a n*gga sell 10K, 14k records the first week, you shouldn’t even be talking to me right now.”

Who’s a better artist: Plies or Thug?

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