YSL Woody Allegedly Went On A Snitch-A-Thon

Young Thug - ysl

Young Thug might have a major issue on his hand, because YSL Woody is reportedly singing like a bird! Check out the video!

YSL Woody, also known as Lil Woody, has made the ultimate decision – to co-operate with the laws. You gotta know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em. I guess whatever he was encountering was too much for him. And Woody Wood has decided to help out the district attorney that has a hard-on for Young Thug. I know others like Gunna have been accused of being a rat to the crew, but this is different. Woody is talking…like really talking!

A video has been released to the public that is showing the extent of his conversation.

The footage shows Lil Woody giving of up the goods on a murder murder that is ABOUT to happen. he straight up says “somebody is going to get killed tonight…this is a murder that’s about to take place with some very hot people and the stuff I know right now should help me with my situation.” Good lord! On top of that, a law official in the video discloses that the DA will be informed that he’s working with them. This will assuredly help him save his skin.

He did not give up all the goods, but Young Thug’s name was mentioned. For the most part, he does not give up exact names. This clild really be the yolk coming out of the proverbial egg. YFN Lucci is about to go on trial for murder and he accused Thugger too. Is that snitching too? IJS. Nevertheless, Woody is going all out and the really making this look crazier and crazier.