Zulu Nation To Strip Afrika Bambaataa Of His Crown Amidst Controversy?


With all of the Afrika Bambaataa child molestation allegations spreading like wild fire, there are now choruses within the Zulu Nation rising up to dethrone Bambaataa. Rumor has it that they are planning to remove Bam internally from his position as the head of the Zulu Nation. While this is merely a rumor, the idea of a coup is gaining legs and is thus impossible to ignore.

Does it shed light on the Zulu Nation’s true feelings about Bambaataa’s former actions? WE DON’T HAVE THE ANSWERS SWAY!  Could this be the cure for the sickness that is child molestation within the Zulu Nation? It seems like a start. Its going to be tough to forget this one though.

Regardless, this is truly a tragic situation not only for the victims that were allegedly molested, but for Hip-Hop. It was just weeks ago that we reported Afrika Bambaataa’s musical collection of records was donated to Cornell University.

No matter if you are a creator or were influenced by this genre’s movement, some things are NOT acceptable. It seems like the Zulu Nation carries this sentiment and its only a matter of time before Bam is no longer holding the crown for a movement that spans decades.   

Shouldn’t the no snitching rule be revoked for child molestation? Wouldn’t you want that for your kid? Someone ask Cam’ron.