Kodak Black Calls For Law And Order Amidst Political Unrest

Kodak Black

Rap star Kodak Black called for peace from his prison cell during a tweet spree today.

Rapper Kodak Black on an emotional tweet spree earlier this morning.

The rap star, who is currently serving a 3-year sentence for lying on a federal form to buy guns, revealed he was feeling down this week.

“Lonely. Sad. Depressed. Pray For Sanity,” Kodak said from his official Twitter account.

“Lord Restore My Heart. Take What’s Broken And  Make Whole Again,” prayed the rapper, who converted to Judaism as he serves out his sentence.


It wasn’t immediately clear what was bothering Kodak, but it could have been the political unrest that has been sweeping the country since white terrorists stormed the Capitol building in Washington DC on January 6th.

The rapper seemed to condemn the actions of tens of thousands of Maga-loving Trump supporters, who overran the Capitol Police and wreaked havoc in the Capitol building for hours.

So far, five people have died in the disturbance.

“We Need To Have Peace, We Need To Have Law And Order,” Kodak Black proclaimed.


There could be an even more simple explanation for Kodak’s series of tweets to his 3 million fans – his prison diet. “Not Enough Hash Browns Today,” Kodak Black complained.


If things go his way, Kodak Black could be eating much better By the end of the month. According to reports, Kodak Black is on President Trump’s list of prisoners he is considering for pardons before he leaves office on January 20th.