Tristan Thompson Allegedly Offered BM $75,000 for Abortion?

Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian

Tristian Thompson allegedly conceived third child while still dating Khloe Kardashian. Offered new BM $75K to abort pregnancy.

Tristan Thompson is allegedly expecting his third child, this according to the Daily Mail. The contentious paternity suit, sought by Maralee Nichols, is proving to be ever salacious. She seeks financial assistance to help cover pregnancy-related medical bills. Plus, the ex-trainer, is suing for an unspecified amount for child support.

These two agree on very little. Both parties acknowledge that they were intimate. However, the number of times and the seriousness of their encounters is what is in question. Thompson contends, that during the time he was in Houston, to celebrate his 30th birthday, were the only times that he smashed. According to him, the sneaky links only happened twice.

Listen, to that notion, Nichols could not wait to call b#######. She vehemently admits that “five months before” the birthday sex and for many months after, their relationship continued. Yep, hand to God, she refers to it as a whole relationship; okay.

Both of these sexy timelines prove one thing. Tristan was less than faithful to reality star, Khloe Kardashian. Previously, the pair dated. Now, they work to proactively co-parent their daughter, True. So, today (Dec. 3), as the internet continues to sling news of Tristan’s mess, Kardashian could not wait to protect her peace.

Any day now, Nichols is due to deliver her son. To be a protective mother, she too understands the requirements. Far before her due date, Maralee, allegedly met with the notion that Tristan suggested she abort the pregnancy. Radar Online reportedly has secured text messages.

In them, a nonchalant Tristan Thompson gives the expectant mother the blues. To secure an abortion, he supposedly offered her a $75,000 lump sum payment. TT is with the s###. Through his legal counsel, he told the court that he believes Nichols is of an unscrupulous character.

Motivated by money, Tristian alleges that’s the reason why Maralee would come to California. Below, check out the alleged screenshots of text messages that were sent from Tristan to Maralee.

Given Tristan’s unsolicited candor, what should be Maralee’s next move?