Auggie Velarde Shares His Inspiring Story to Success Against All Odds

Auggie’s dedication and commitment to his dream have made him a rising hero amongst the Peruvian-American community.

Rising to the top of the American music scene is Auggie Velarde, a talented songwriter and singer. He is a Peruvian-born and American-raised artist taking the industry by storm with his unique and catchy melodies. Auggie is famously known for his musical influence and inspiring journey to success, defying all odds. His unmatched music talent has seen him win various awards, which rate him high above his peers in the industry. 

His influence in the industry is seemingly evident with the attention and recognition he is getting. Auggie was recently featured as the cover on SoundCloud’s home page as a selected artist for LatinX month and also the cover of TIDAL’s “Trap del Sur” editorial playlist. Everyone in the industry seems to have taken note of this sensational singer, a reason to watch out for his music. 

Unbeknown to many, Auggie came from one of the most humble backgrounds. His family immigrated to the US in search of a better life with nothing but a dream. But one thing that made his family stand out was their strong belief in possibilities despite the challenges. His parents often encouraged him to adopt a positive mentality in everything he does, as that’s the basis for success.   

However, Auggie turning to music as a career was the last thing they expected. Being an immigrant alone was a sufficient obstacle for him to drop this path. Pursuing a music career was more than challenging for Auggie, and his parents were not ready to sacrifice what they’d struggled for with a career where the outcome was uncertain. They recommended he pursue a computer-aligned career that was seemingly promising. 

However, Auggie was not ready to let go of his passion and dream. This resulted in combining the two while leveraging his computer knowledge to learn how to make music. With hard work and determination, he was able to pursue the two paths successfully. He has actually managed to merge the two, creating a liberating experience for himself. 

Auggie’s dedication and commitment to his dream have made him a rising hero amongst the Peruvian-American community. He serves as an inspiration to thousands of other Peruvians who are working hard to see their dreams come true. Auggie uses his success to pave the way for a future generation of Peruvian artists and other immigrant creators. 

His efforts and dedication to helping others along his way earned him the prestigious TUMI USA Award in 2018. Auggiewas recognized as a successful Peruvian immigrant who has overcome life challenges, worked tirelessly at his profession, and demonstrated exceptional commitment to community service. He considers it one of his significant life achievements, motivating him to keep doing what he does best. 

Auggie’s advice is to find what best works for you and set your mind to achieve it no matter the challenges. He believes that it’s sometimes important to keep pushing even when the people around you fail to acknowledge it. His call is for you not to give up on what makes you happy. 

“We get one chance to experience the journey that is life, so we should stay true to ourselves and enjoy our moments on this planet,” says Auggie Velarde.