After DMX Master Mix, DJ Danny Dee Reveals Summer Music Plans

DJ Danny Dee

DJ Danny Dee is making moves all over the place, from DMX to Tamika D Mallory!

At a young age DJ Danny Dee was drawn to the turntables. Witnessing his father on the 1’s and 2’s certainly had an impact on the young DJ-to-be. Danny explains that his dad was his biggest influence. Born and raised in Harlem, NY DJ Danny Dee utilized music as an escape and expressive outlet that soon transitioned into a full blown career. People were drawn to his cosmic stage presence and soon titled him the “Harlem Showstopper”. 

Co-producing the famous song, “Chicken Noodle Soup”, being the DJ for Alicia Keys, and becoming part of “Da Union DJ’s” are all accolades DJ Danny Dee holds dear to his heart. With consistency, passion, and talent, he was able to create a lane for himself in an oversaturated industry. 

His most recent project is a blend tribute for the late DMX (RIP). Yall can find this honorary homage on his YouTube channel. Danny will be in Jamaica from July 29th to August 2nd for his birthday celebration. He will also be traveling to P#### Cana, DR in November and will also be present as the DJ for Tamika D. Mallory’s book signing and birthday. 

Follow, subscribe, and stream this talented and hardworking DJ, as he has more in store for his fans and the music scene. DJ Danny Dee is certainly someone to keep an eye on!