Dremon Drops Innovative Video For New Song “No Exaggeration”

Dremon is back with a brand new single and video called “No Exaggeration.”

Rising Albuquerque based Hip-Hop artist, Dremon, has released his Neo-Tokyo inspired, animated music video for his new single, “No Exaggeration.” The video is a throwback to late 80s – early 90s anime, featuring grainy video, a red flying car and a dark Neo Tokyo world. The video was directed and animated by Omar Nadir 

At the age of 28, Dremon has persevered through a long and turbulent music career. His 2012 Great Escape street LP, earned him a meeting with Jimmy Kang, CEO of Str8up Ent and VP of Wu-Tang Management. 

Eventually, Dremon would earn 3 years under their management. During this time Dremon learned valuable lessons about the industry and turned inward to refine how he wanted to continue his career. 

While pushing his album ‘The music’, he found his way into a music cameo for feature films “Money Is King” and “Busy Day.” Other notable accolades include, being a first round winner of the Swisher Artist Project/ Grant 2016, soundtrack placement in feature film “The Perfect Pickup”,and interviews with ABQ The Magazine, Weekly Alibi, A&R Factory, and The Colt Show.

Dremon’s newest album 2nd Nature was released on May, 28th, 2020, the same day as the music video for “No Exaggeration.” 

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