ELo TheFranchiseKid Takes Rappers Like Rakim & Wu-Tang, But For A New Era

“ELo TheFranchiseKid” Fulmore

ELo TheFranchiseKid Is Here!

ELo TheFranchiseKid was Born and raised in South East, Washington DC.

As a young boy, growing up you never imagine having to move away from the place you call home. With changes in his family and the stream of violence in DC,
E-lo’s mother made a life changing decision to move the family to New York.
At the age of 8 years old, E-lo became a Brooklyn native and still to date has carries East New York on his back as his saving grace.

As a teen E-lo he had a great passion for basketball and skills to match. He would later discover that a heart murmur would stand in the way of his hoop dreams. The complications were disappointing but refocused his attention to his true love, Hip Hop. At a young age his keen senses allowed him to separate the “rapper” from the “lyricist”. He was inspired by his first purchased album “The Score” by the Fugees, Biggie, Lauryn Hill, Ludacris and Nas.

E-Lo gained his biggest inspiration while attending a Def Jam’s showcase at the legendary Apollo Theatre. The showcase featured Hip Hop Legend Rakim, DJ Scratch, Wu-Tang, and Keith Murray. He got a chance to experience hip hop royalty which ignited a fire many artist dream of. As a young MC he began penning songs like “Dance With Me” for young hip hop artist DJ Jus and Lil’ Nique (Universal Motown) which assured him that his music was built for commercial success.

He went on to record mixtapes on his own and soon gained major label attention. With a deal on the table and growing anticipation he would be met with disappointment. Due to complications of his current team at such a young age, things fell apart and in that moment put a halt on his dream. He did not let the failed deal break his spirit for too long. He decided to come back into the game after being inspired at a local new york showcase and later signed with new management. He could be seen opening up for popular New York Rapper, Jim Jones and Memphis rapper Yo Gotti blazing the stage at Source Magazine and featured on No-ID tour featuring Jazze Pha, Ace Hood, Souljah Boy and more.
With pursuing a career in Hip Hop comes much needed resilience and dedication to your craft. After many broken promises and failed investments with different management he found himself at a standstill once again. E-Lo would go on and learn that he had to take his career into his own hands. He stepped away from the drama and put his energy into rebuilding a dream that could have been destroyed. Before the passing of his good friend and guide, he was currently in affiliation with Sha Money XL and began to collaborate with producers Mic West and The Cleanerz .

E-Lo is currently working on his LP entitled “FINALLY ” under the indie label VOLCANO MUSIC GROUP who he has partnered with his long time friend ,(Shawn2Hot) along side his Cousin (Blind Baby). Who all has the same goal is to shock the world leaving a giant mark in the entertainment industry .Fighting to break the mole as an artist who lives by his word. Not afraid of his admiration for loyalty, love and the ladies, he plans to stir up conversations about the truth behind his music.

His energetic performance style and presence on his second release track entitled ( Pick A Side) has gained thousands of views on Youtube from supporters and fans. His song “SUNSET” caters to his female audience with his play on words creating a roadmap that describe his bedroom behavior candidly.

E-Lo takes personal to new heights with his latest body of work and talks trust, wisdom, loyalty and his desire to win. He’s ready to live out every fantasy and makes all dreams a reality both on and off the mic.