Emerging Artist theajsound Is Quickly Climbing The Charts To Become An Internationally Known Musician

As a singer and songwriter, theajsound uses his musical expertise and boundless energy to win the hearts of his listeners, both locally and internationally.

Arjun Bhat, better known by his stage name theajsound, is a musician born in Mumbai, India. His music offers a unique blend of eastern and western culture melodies and sounds. One of his biggest advantages over other singers is that he can sing in different languages, namely Hindi, Punjabi, English, and Spanish. Theajsound has a solid background in IT, which means he can use technology to fine-tune his brand of music.

Theajsound’s music is garnering more than six million streams on Spotify in just his second year as a recording artist. His music videos, which include his collaborations with fellow Bollywood singer Shirley Setia, have gained a total of 30 million views on YouTube. Major publications, such as The Indian Weekender, Rolling Stone India, and CULTR have all featured theajsound.

As a singer and songwriter, theajsound uses his musical expertise and boundless energy to win the hearts of his listeners, both locally and internationally. Whether on stage or in the recording studio, his music offers a special vibe. His hits like Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” have gone viral winning countless fans from every part of the world.

Due to his undeniable charm and musical talent, theajsound had an opportunity to work with some international artists in India, Australia, and New Zealand. Recently, he collaborated with major music labels like Sony Music Denmark, Magic Records, Diamantid Records. As well, his music has been played by some of the largest radio stations all over New Zealand, France, Australia, and Brazil.

When asked about the biggest challenge when he started his musical journey, theajsound said it was the fact that he was older than others in the industry. He discovered his true calling and decided to dive into the industry later in life, giving him a much different experience than others. That being said, it’s also a strength of his. Theajsound has years of life experiences and wisdom to guide his music career.

Theajsound is also determined to lead a movement in India that will inspiring people to pursue a career in music. The country has a rich history in the performing arts, including not only music but also dancing and filmmaking. Theajsound wants to highlight those incredible parts of Indian culture to inspire others who are passionate about music to follow in his footsteps. It can be scary to take that leap of faith into a competitive career, but theajsound is an inspiring figure that hopes to lead the way so others can achieve their dreams.

He may have experienced success in his musical endeavors, but theajsound plans to achieve more. He connects with his thousands of fans across his pages on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. His ultimate goal is to become the first-ever Indian solo artist to win a Grammy award in the pop or dance category.

Years from now, theajsound hopes to see himself as someone who inspired young Indian artists to pursue music. He thinks there are too few of his fellow countrymen representing the country’s rich culture in English markets. He dreams of changing this by creating a role model for the next generation of Indian musical heroes.