Fac Marlo’s Official Music Video For “Butterflies” Reaches Over 310k In Two Weeks

Fac marlo

Fac Marlo writes a vivid story that is more like a picture.

Fac Marlo is a versatile and imaginative artist who keeps his fans on their toes. His most recent release “Butterflies” has sent shock waves through the music scene with the official music video reaching over 310k views in just two weeks. It is apparent there is a demand for his presence and the people are loving it!

The gifted artist stated, “The idea of butterflies is like a tale or two individuals. One is a rapper and one is a fan. They make eye contact and end up seeing a future together because she is convinced he’s something special.” This track is the perfect romantic song for the summer. The visuals paint a vivid picture of the song, inviting Fac Marlo’s fans into his creative mind and vision. 

The cinematic approach for “Butterflies” has everyone in a frenzy as they await Fac Marlo’s next release. There is certainly more content to come from him and he is rapidly climbing the ladder in the entertainment business. Be sure to follow Fac Marlo on social media, stream “Butterflies”, and view the official music video on YouTube.  – By Julz Mancini