Gattison- “Transformation” Video

Gattison’s latest single and visual chronicle his life.

(AllHipHop Music) Recording artist Gattison, says his new single “Transformation” was inspired by his ex-wife of 9 years, coming to terms with and accepting his sexuality and his church’s painful reaction to it all.

On his latest single “Transformation”, the Billboard charting singer shares a masterfully crafted and authentically autobiographical narrative that reflects a journey of self-exploration.

Though it’s a unique and genre-bending single and music video, there is a factual experience of transformation that authors Gattison’s life. 

With infectious melodies and a tempo that makes your toes tap, Gattison sums up many of the lessons learned from living under religious and social pressures.

“Say what you gotta say when you feel it in your heart. Do what you gotta do because you’ve got more to gain than to lose.” said Gattinson.

As a POC, a gay man, an artist, a former minister in the church, a father and a person formerly in a “Mixed Orientation Marriage” Gattison knows all-too-well about nuance and complexity. 

“When you listen to my music I want you to hear the diversity of my experience.” He goes on to say, “I want you to feel me pushing back on social norms to make room for the unique and abnormal that bring beauty to this life. I hope that you feel empowered to do the same.”

Gattison’s musical artistry stands in a lane of its own. 

His original sound put his last single on the Dance Billboard charts at #43. 

With over 200,000 streams on Spotify via the original and remixes of his last single “Picture Perfect”, Gattison has been privy to being featured on several coveted Spotify playlists, including Discover Weekly.

Check out the video for “Transformation” below.