Hillside Budda- “Love Suicide”

Hillside Budda is an up-and-coming artist with a unique style

(AllHipHop MusicHillside Budda was born Patrious Leverett on February 12, 1990, in the small town of Ware Shoals, SC as the youngest of seven siblings. 

After moving many times due to the financial struggles of his single mom, he landed back where he was born in “the Hill” community.

The Hill was one of the poorest areas in town and forced so many to turn to the streets. Fortunately, he was able to avoid getting in the game and has been creating music since he was a child.

Growing up in the street life with his well-known family of hustlers, he learned how to survive the harsh realities of every day and how to hustle hard in everything he does. He uses music to express himself and serve as the voice of those same people who helped raise him. 

Hillside Budda is a young and upcoming artist with a unique Hip Hop style using both conscious and Trap music. 

As a self-made, independent artist, Hillside Budda developed four mixtapes: ‘Love Me Know,’ ‘It’s Too Late,’ ‘King of Kings,’ and ‘Budda Baby,’ while working full-time to take care of his family. 

He started by selling CDs from the back of his SUV to eventually becoming a local legend in the community for his ability to share a little of everyone’s story in his lyrics.

Validated and received locally, Hillside Budda signed with Street Capital Entertainment in August 2019 with the expectation of mainstream success.

You can listen to Hillside Budda’s music below.