KAYWHT- “Don’t Worry”

“Don’t Worry” has set the vibe for the summer.

(AllHipHop Music) R&B singer-songwriter KAYWHT latest release “Don’t Worry” is here to get you ready for some summertime sunshine. 

The upbeat and fun track aims to be your top played song of the summer. “Don’t Worry” is a perfect play for those rides with the windows down, by the pool, or in your home as you quarantine.

Hailing from Memphis,Tennessee, singer/songwriter KAYWHT was greatly influenced by the performances and music of Beyonce growing up and credits this as the reason she’s in love with performing today. 

This influence eventually led to her debut performance on TV at a local news station in Memphis at the age of 9. 

Music remained a part of her life as she got older, leading her to join a choir and began writing her own songs, but it wasn’t until she found her way to Dallas in 2011 that she decided to pursue a career in music.

Unsure of how to get started, she began posting online covers of popular songs, some of which went viral. This gained her traction and a fanbase, as well as recognition by well known artists such as Summer Walker and Kehlani. It was this support and success that made KAY decide to venture into creating and releasing her own music.

KAY released her debut EP titled ‘ETA’ in September of 2019. This five-track collection of songs, which includes hit “11:30 Interlude” which played off of Megan Thee Stallion’s “Hot Girl Summer”, gained KAY buzz both online and throughout the DFW area. 

Keeping her finger on the pulse of pop culture, KAY ways to incorporate topics in her songs that listeners are familiar with. Which is what she did in March of this year when she released single “Pity” which had a nod to a nostalgic line from Disney hit, “The Cheetah Girls.”

KAY describes her latest release, “Don’t Worry” as a unique transition from “Pity”. This upbeat track is all about chasing the vibes of Summer. She was inspired to create a song that people can have fun to and wanted to release something that made people feel good.

KAYWHT is currently working on new music and is looking forward to releasing new tracks throughout the year.

Take a listen to “Don’t Worry” below.