Kendro Is On Point With New Song “Big Tyme”

Valdosta, Georgia rapper Kendro is back with a video for his latest track called “Big Tyme.”

Upcoming phenomenon “Kendro” has made himself, the number one rap contender in Southern Georgia. Kendro, short for Kendrick, has effectively become one of the illest acts in Morven, Georgia. 

He is one of the newest, most innovative, outspoken and influential artists, making a buzz coming out of Valdosta, GA.

Valdosta – a city that has the most unbeatable high school teams in the nation – a city known as “Winnerville.” Kendro wants to keep that same winning energy. He is ten years into the game and you’re going to hear more from this rapper.

Kendro is looking to build on his reputation utilizing branding, structuring, and creating longevity made from Trap music, with tracks like his latest banger, “Big Tyme.”

“I want to make music you can lay down with your girl with, or race on the highway to. My goal is to elevate myself in the rap game, and learn the business, and most importantly spread a message to the black youth in America”, Kendro explained. 

Kendro is using that Trap energy as one of the ways to uplift his community. Versatile, authentic, original, is the energy that Kendro keeps 24/7 and not just in the studio.

High energy, good vibes, and smooth sailing is the kind of spirit you find on Kendro’s instrumentals. With the re-release of his underground banger, “My Own Lane” Kendro has regained his strength and is claiming the throne as a dominant force to be reckoned with in Valdosta.

“I want to release an EP, by the end of 2020 called ‘Elevation’ says Kendro,” whose music can be currently found on iTunes, Apple, Spotify, SoundCloud, and more platforms.

Kendro wants the South, North, East, and West to know that he’s coming, bringing that originality to the game. Painting pictures, illustrating, creating a sketch for your third eye.

Enter: Kendro.

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