Lonleybandz Releases Visual for “Out the Mud,” Featuring Calboy

Check out this new video by Tulsa-based rapper Lonelybandz via Cartel Oil Records.

To come from the bottom with grace, grit and gumption, to only rise to the top, is exactly what Tulsa rapper Lonleybandz details in his new single “Out the Mud,” featuring Chicago rapper, Calboy, via Cartel Oil Records.

Lonleybandz opens up about being a young kid in the slums, trying to be something in a life where no one showed him love; having to put his faith in what’s above.

“Most people don’t know that I was living house to house as a kid. I even became homeless and the only thinking keeping my head up was creating music,” says Bandz. “With my mom on drugs, my abusive dad, both without money or jobs, I really felt stuck everyday trying to be somebody.”

Together, Bandz and Calboy form this collaboration turning rhymes into what is now “Out the Mud,” a story on how they both had to endure a hard life, for a better life off the streets.

“When I wrote this song I was completely inspired by the fact that I really did come from nothing and now I truly feel I’m coming out the mud of my past.”

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