Messiah Ramkissoon’s “Rotten Cotton” Bangs On Slavery And In Speakers

Messiah Ramkissoon emerges as a necessary voice embodied in his new song “Rotten Cotton.”

(AllHipHop Music) Messiah Ramkissoon’s “Rotten Cotton” is a sobering rush of frigid air in a toasty warm room. A proverbial battle cry of independence, the song title alone harkens to the days of slavery, but Ramkissoon is positioned as an African preparing for the revolution. “No more picking cotton… we’re leaving it to rotten,” he snarls over a slow-plodding, menacing track.  Ramkissoon is like a descendent of revolutionary dead prez with a modern twist. But don’t let the weighty content fool you. “Rotten Cotton” slaps. The track and beat managed to highlight societal inequities on all levels but manages to hold fast to the insurrection theme. The song funnel’s into Messiah Ramkissoon’s upcoming album “The Eye Of Freedom,” which is an expected drop this year. 

The music video was directed by Opiyo Okeyo and beat by Darnell ‘Camera Shy’ Hannon.