Natasha Elise Taps PnB Rock For “Ride Wit Me”

Natasha Elise links with Philly rapper for a new song called “Ride Wit Me.”

Natasha Elise is here to prove she has a place in the music industry. With an eclectic style that’s constantly evolving, the singer-songwriter describes her sound as other wordly — urban electro-pop with an ethereal combination of mesmerizing vocals and lyrics that are both honest and relatable.

At just 18 years old, Elise has organically accumulated over 60K monthly listeners on Spotify. Now, she releases the official music video for “Ride Wit Me” featuring PnB Rock. The visual gives you a glimpse into a day in the life of 2 bosses, whom live separate yet concurrent lifestyles.

In an exclusive quote to AllHipHop, Elise states, “‘Ride Wit Me’ is all about living your life to the fullest and making sure your squad is down to ride. Loyalty and good vibes. No matter what, they should be by your side through it all.”

The record itself exudes nothing but good energy. The goal is for listeners to play this time and enjoy themselves, while making new memories with their friends. She continues, “Making this song and video was amazing and I couldn’t stop smiling. I hope that my fans keep on smiling through the song!”

Speaking on the collab with PnB Rock, she describes it as a “rewarding experience. He’s extremely talented and seriously such a nice and fun person. When we met, we vibed right away and the song and video came out perfectly. I’m so grateful to him and his team.”