Phil Lea- “Black People”

Phil Lea chronicles the African American experience on latest single.

(AllHipHop Music) Oklahoma City recording artist Phil Lea is providing the bedroom vibes for your late-night sessions and gracing the intimate beats with sensual lyrics. 

The seductive sounds for the follow up to his last single, “Fah Me” (produced by Hero) are accompanied by a video featuring Phil Lea at the center of attention, as beautiful women lavish him with affection in the privacy of a luxury hotel-suite somewhere in Atlanta. 

After setting the tone-enchanting vibes, Phil Lea has pressed paused on the lovely electric sounds to voice his point of view on being an African American male in today’s time. 

Lea pens,

 “Why can’t we breathe, why can’t we be justified, why can’t we be rationalized, why can’t we be treated with respect, treated equal.” 

This song solidifies different things that black people deal with in everyday life from cultural appropriation to assumed guilty, due to not having enough evidence in the court of law. Members of the African American community are treated unfairly and this is what Phil Lea had to say about it. 

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