Rapper Trev B. Drops Debut Project “Antidepressants”

Rising rapper Trev B. Free just released his first project “Antidepressants.” Take a listen!

“Antidepressants11 tells a story, a story not all that uncommon, but one that usually isn’t talked about with such raw honesty. 

A 20-something, struggling artist, financially unstable, college dropout dealing with the emotional rollercoaster that is depression. 

Nothing is sugarcoated on Trev B. Free’s debut project and that’s how he intended for it to come across. 

“My goal for this album wasn’t to sensationalize the way I felt, but to normalize it. Make others who are undoubtedly going through similar emotions feel less alone,” Trev B. said. 

It’s not always the fairytale’s that make for the best stories and as Trev says, “this one is for the underdogs.”