New Album Alert: “Say Something” by Davo

Tory Lanez says, “Davo has the Greatest music I have heard in a long time! Refreshing sound that I never knew an artist could attain.

There aren’t many new artists that can tout a pedigree that denotes an internationally recognized musical royalty like The Wailers and introduces a unique sound that has lead to collaborations with the likes of multi platinum selling hip hop artists such as Fabolous and Rick Ross.

Under the tutelage of artist Tory Lanez, production by Smash David (Big Sean, Khalid), Foreign Tech (Chris Brown, Bryson Tiller, Post Malone) and Wallis Lane (Trey Songz, Mac Miller), and features from the likes of Rich The Kid and Junior Marvin, Miami-based singer/ rapper Davo is poised to shake up the music industry with his patented psychedelic R&B sound on his forthcoming debut album LXD.

The album’s intoxicating lead single “Say Something” is a tribute in theme and tone to the melancholy love song Goddess Sade. Over a muted bed of acoustic guitars, “Say Something” is a mesmerizing mid-tempo head nod cut that is as entrancing a love song as it is mystifying. Produced by Beatgodz (Queen Naija, Jeezy) the single showcases Davo’s melodic vocals and offers visuals by Tory Lanez as the director.

LXD is a beautifully vainglorious work of sonic art that strikes a delicate balance between introspection and bravado in a world where duality is pronounced fact of life on many levels.

Tory Lanez says, “Greatest music I have heard in a long time! Refreshing sound that I never knew an artist could attain. Unique in it’s own right, but still gives you that comfortable feeling of surreal music”

If there’s any doubt to the potential of LXD, Davo’s turn up anthem “Pull Up,” featuring Tory Lanez, has set fire to the internet to the tune of 1.2 million YouTube views. Laced with Smash David’s trippy trap beats and a crystalline melodic flow, the single is as much an ode to braggadocio as it is a testament to the respect Davo and Lanez have for each other as artists.

Other songs on the album include “By The Valley,” a quasi cautionary tale of the many ways in which Hollywood can perform a sleight of hand for many hopefuls in search of fortune and fame. The lively “Señorita” featuring Junior Marvin on guitars feels as if it has torn a page from a forbidden love television drama script. “Searching” finds Davo in a more pensive mode discussing the meaning of life, one of several songs of its kind that make LXD a balanced affair.

After years of putting in ample time to hone his craft, success is imminent for Davo. As a multi-instrumentalist and a talented lyricist and singer, the ingredients for his ascension in the music industry are as evident as the horizon on a clear day. And if the industry is smart, it will tap into his creative instincts and musical impulses.

As an ode to the music he heard his parents playing around the house, Davo has already started crafting songs for a subsequent album. The world will soon bear witness to its magnitude and potential to push the envelope for popular music. “I’m a rock star,” he says with a knowing smile.



“Say Something”