Shoreline Mafia’s Rob Vicious – “L3V3L”

The mafias meet as Three 6 Mafia’s DJ Paul provides the beat for Shoreline Mafia’s Rob Vicious for his new single L3V3L.

Breakthrough is Rob’s deeply personal and immersive debut mixtape. 

The product of a year’s worth of tireless recording, Rob culled the project’s 13 tracks from a pool of over 100 demos, selecting the hardest-hitting and most personal of the bunch. 

The resulting body of work reveals a new side of Rob Vicious, balancing outlandish flexes on tracks like the club-ready “GET A BAG” with deep introspection–he marvels at how far he’s come on “MENTAL WARFARE,” self-medicates to escape his darkest thoughts on “FORREAL,” and searches for a way forward on closing trio “WAT U THINKIN,” “ANGELS V DEMONS,” and “OVERDOSE.”

Shouldering 13 tracks, with features from Shoreline Mafia cohort Fenix Flexin and L.A. rapper Nfant, Rob expands his arsenal of vocal tricks on the new mixtape, molding his craggy vocals into pained melodies and catchy cadences. 

The follow-up to last year’s Traplantic, which boasted the Platinum-selling single “Bands,” Breakthrough is available to stream everywhere via Atlantic Records