Sic WithIt Teams With 42 Dugg For “Anotha One”

Sic WithIt just dropped a new banger with 42 Dugg

Sic WithIt is a rising rapper/lyricist who is preparing to release his debut album, Wasteland, this summer.

To kick things off, he unleashes the album’s first single, “Anotha One” featuring 42 Dugg. The two were connected through a mutual friend (shout out Remo) who knew the pair could create a banger together. Next thing you know, Sic WithIt and 42 Dugg were in the studio, kicking back and cooking up the record.

Having a blast in the studio recording the track, Sic WithIt knew he had to seize the opportunity. He called up a few homegirls to slide through and in no time, they were shooting the music video. All the vibes can be felt as you listen and watch the visual: sexy smiles, drinks, and fans of blue-cornered bills.

Sic WithIt and 42 Dugg’s video for “Anotha One” is a disorientating and druggy clip that showcases the two rappers in the company of a group of beautiful women, enjoying each other’s time as the song plays in the background.

As if asked to do so, the ladies take to a nearby pole to dance the night away.

SicWithIt’s knowing grin lets you know that he’s having a good time. Since it’s hot outside, 42 Dugg fans fill the air with a massive bouquet of Benjamins. It’s the simplistic, enjoyable clip that matches the song’s cheery energy. Watch above!