Sons Of Funk Make Return With “Stupid” Feat. NoSay Da Plug

Platinum-selling R&B group Sons Of Funk Return With “Stupid.”

Sons of Funk is an American R&B group from Richmond, California, that were formerly artists on No Limit Records. They had great success in the late 1990’s and are best known for their hit singles “Pushin Inside of You” and “I Got the Hook Up.” On April 21, 1998 Sons of Funk released their debut album “The Game of Funk” on No Limit Records and Priority Records. “Pushing Inside of You” sold 1.2 million copies and made it to #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. They followed that with another smash hit called “I Got the Hook Up,” which peaked at #1 on the Billboard Hot R&B chart. Moreover, the group also produced songs on Master P’s “Ghetto Dope” album and Silk the Shocker “Made Man.” Sons of Funk toured the continental United States in 1998. In the last few years they have  performed at Essence Fest in New Orleans,  at Heal the City in Baton Rouge, and on spot dates during the No Limit Tour. Additionally, Sons Of Funk wrote songs for the Fox Network, the NBC Network, and for the hit movie “The Perfect Gentleman.” The group has been very busy providing radio drops, news promos, etc. Sons of Funk currently has three members with two original members: Rico Crowder “AKA Ric-Angel, Joshua Chew “AKA” Zotronic and Rico’s son Richard Scofield “AKA” Ar’jay. Rico is passing his legacy down to his children. Sons of Funk’s latest release is entitled “Stupid” featuring rapper NoSay Da Plug. “Stupid” is heating up the airwaves from coast to coast.