The Best Bong Shop Online In 2021

Bongs are an excellent way for smoking cannabis and get smooth, tasty hits. Water pipes are a smoking device with a water chamber, downstem, and bowl and one of the most popular methods for cannabis users. Bowls are packed with dry herbs, placed into the downstem, and then smoked. Both the bong body piece and […]

Bongs are an excellent way for smoking cannabis and get smooth, tasty hits. Water pipes are a smoking device with a water chamber, downstem, and bowl and one of the most popular methods for cannabis users. Bowls are packed with dry herbs, placed into the downstem, and then smoked. Both the bong body piece and the bowl can come in various shapes, designs, sizes, and colors.

With the recent increase in use and legalization of cannabis use, there are many bongs that exist at in-person and online headshops. It is important to make sure these brands are reliable and produce high-quality pieces out of safe and smokeable materials. World of Bongs offers highly dependable brands like Marley Naturals, Eyce, and Puffco Peak with some of the highest five-star reviews. 

About the WOB Online Smoke Shop  

World of Bongs was founded as an online headshop and has grown to be a major global smoke network for the cannabis product community. They offer various pieces including bongs (of course), dry pipes, dab rigs, nectar collectors, ashtrays, rolling trays, and more. World of Bongs has some of the most extensive bong brands including their own which is extremely favorable abong WoB customers.

World of Bongs caters to all smokers’ needs. Understanding that some pieces are small and portable. In contrast, others are larger, and more elaborate pieces of art. Whether you are looking for a durable silicone piece or a beautiful piece of glass, they have you covered. They offer modest prices as some bongs can be priced extremely expensive ($300+). Scoring a cheap pipe is great when you know it’s of high quality and customer raved. Check out the cheapest bongs under $100 offered at World of Bongs.

10. 8″ World Globe Bong – Glow In The Dark 

The ultimate world globe bong is a cult classic here on World of Bongs. This piece was made by On Point Glass, founded on the drive to create the most innovative pieces. They definitely brought their A-game with this beautiful glass globe that glows in the dark. Sitting at 8” high this may not be a piece for on-the-go tokes, but is a rare piece for any collection. Use this beautiful piece as a bong for dry herbs or as a dab rig.

9. 14” Beaker Ice Bong by Chill Glass

This magnificent piece is sure to be a standard glass water bong to add to your collection and it’s only for $79.99. The large beaker bong sits 14” high and comes with a 14 mm bowl, great for large smoke sessions. The ice catcher and percolator provide smoother and tastier hits. Chill Glass is a world-renowned brand known for producing high-quality glass World of Bongs is proud to feature. Chill Glass prides itself on featuring

8. American-made, pyrex glass. Find this piece in vibrant purple, red, orange, and blue. 8.  KWACK Bong

Have fun with this duck bong for sale for only $49.99. At only 6 inches long, this is a perfect piece for on the go. You can’t even tell it’s a bong. This is brought to World of Bongs by the highly dependable brand Piecemaker. They are known for creating funky silicone smoke pieces that are also versatile.

7. Silicone Mini Beaker Bong From Eyce

Eyce is a fan favorite brand featured on World of Bongs for their extremely durable and nearly indestructible silicone bongs for sale. They were built on passion, innovation, and dedication to the consumers of the cannabis industry. This classic silicone mini beaker bong by them perfectly reflects the inner values of Eyce. Sitting at 7.5” high, this is a perfect piece for solo sessions or passing around with friends. It comes with a 14mm bowl piece, perfect for heavy hitters. Get this one today for only $49.99.

6. Silicone Rig Bubbler II By Eyce

This mini silicone bubbler rig is the ultimate piece for on-the-go tokes at a modest price. Eyce is known for its nearly indestructible smoking devices and smooth hits. Founded in 2013, they hope to make innovative smoke devices for the cannabis industry. Take hits of your dry herbs or concentrate out of this 7” piece that comes with a 10 mm nail and bowl. Get this in black, green, rasta, and a host of other patterns. Get it today for $44.99.

5. The Knockout Beer Bong

Take your party to the next level with this crazy beer bong. The one-hitter bowl and valve connect to any bottle for turning any of your favorite beers into a smoke device. This was brought by the famous brand Knockout, the original curator of the beer chugger and bong. The price is $39.99.

4. Cobra Snake Bong 

This cobra snake bong is the perfect addition piece for any collection. Reptile lovers and snake owners will be dying over this piece. Standing at only 6” tall, this is the ideal transportable glass bong. Great for a solo session or on-the-go tokes. This five-star reviewed piece comes in yellow and green. This is a classic featured by World of Bongs brand itself. It’s only $36.99.

3. 8” Glow In The Dark Scream Bong 

The perfect spooky piece for Halloween time. This glass water pipe brings the horror classic “Scream” to life. This standard thick bong sits 8” tall with a 14 mm bowl, perfect for easy packing. This bong comes to life in the dark when it glows up. With over 20 five-star customer reviews, this is another piece featured by the World of Bongs premium brand.

2. Bukket Bong 

Step up to the plate with this accordion gravity bong. This sits at 5” tall and 4” wide. Perfect for on-the-go tokes and smoke sessions with friends. Gravity bongs are set to get just about any cannabis user extremely high. Simply light the bowl and pull up on the bukket gravity bong as you inhale. This uses gravity’s force to pull the smoke through the device. 

  1. Small Clear Bucket Bong

This thick clear borosilicate glass water bong is the perfect piece for beginners or smokers looking for a traditional piece for their collection. The beaker-style bong is a fan favorite by World of Bongs. Don’t be fooled by the incredibly low price. This 5” tall piece comes with a percolator and ice catcher for tasty hits. This is perfect for on-the-go use and solo smoke sessions.  This mini bong is currently sold out but sold for $14.99.

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