Young Mills- “Don’t Talk About It” Video

Young Mills releases new visual for “Don’t Talk About It.”

(AllHipHop Music) Young Mills is back with another single, “Don’t Talk About It,” and the music video.

The flick kicks off at Polo Ground Towers and the “Bag Boy” rapper raps over the gritty beat. 

“I ain’t come to play with these n*ggas / I got nothing to say to these n*ggas / Yeah it’s f*ck you but pay me my n*gga / Why they all in the way tell me n*gga,” he raps.

This single comes fresh off the release of his buzzing record, “Bag Boy.” Mills’ debut project is slated to be released this year, and he aims to bring more authenticity to the game. 

“I feel like a lot of artists in this day and age talk about a lot of things they’re not involved in or have NEVER done for that matter,” Mills said.

Check out the video below: