BBC1 Makes History With Two Black Actors in Primetime

In a historic first for BBC1, and television in the UK, it has been announced that Sophie Okonedo, Oscar nominated in 2004 for her role in “Hotel Rwanda” and Adrian Lester, both actors of African descent, will be the central characters followed in the new primetime political drama series “Undercover,” written by award winning playwright […]

Sophie Okonedo and Adrian Lester star in the BBC 1 series "Undercover". Photograph by Des Willie courtesy of the BBC.

Next Generation: Why You Need To Pay Attention To “Kreemo” – Wiz Khalifa & Lil Wayne Are Already On It

With the economy in shambles, many Americans are everyday becoming discouraged to continue chasing their dream. Kreemo, the Atlanta-based lifestyle clothing brand, “begs to differ.” Know this. It’s not a fad. Known mostly for their Kreemo “Dropout” Tee, an homage to Kanye West’s College Dropout bear, this 21-year-old trio (who, by the way, are college […]