Get to Know J Star, the DJ and Producer Making a Name For Himself

An expert radio DJ for many years, J Star is popular for his weekly show on Sirius XM ch. 13. J Star started doing the show in 2018 and became a regular after that. Over the years, he has entertained millions of listeners and honed his open format DJing skills in the process. This has opened many doors for J Star, broadening his career horizons. Besides being a skilled radio DJ, J Star also covers live events. He has DJed multiple times for the Knicks and opened for some of the biggest artists in the world in the past. He has also worked with renowned brands like Nike, the NBA, Adidas, Jordan, JBL, Dropbox, HBO, Hennessey, and Jack Daniels.

J Starr – I'm Sayin

I’m Sayin is a song that was created just as fast as you hear it. J Starr doesn’t write music down or type it in his phone, he turns on the beat and makes weird ugly faces and goes in the booth and another person comes out. The song is mainly for the club crowd […]